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We are passionate about building tools that help people lead a creative lifestyle. We think of code as form of artistic expression, this view of the world is bound to achieve the realization that simplicity is a core value, one that once adapted changes everything.

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Past Projects

Jovie - Make a Scene

Jovie an app for video makers is out.

Jovie is your secret weapon to gloary. It's hot, live and kicking video production experience. We got the content, all you need to do say the word and boom, something magical happens.

Check it out, we think you'll love it.

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Design community project

Designer News Statistics

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Parties for WWDC

Sugar So is going to WWDC! We've built Parties to effortlessly keep track of all the cool things that are happening during the event.

There are dozens of parties in San Francisco organised for WWDC participators by companies like Twitter, Pinterest, Flipboard, Evernote, Square, Dropbox, Spotify and many more. Download the app to get updates and make sure you don't miss out on the good stuff.

Update: Humbled and overwhelmed we stand by the amazing response from the developer community following the release of the app. Thank you, we ♥ you guys.

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post on medium

Creating GIFs of your iOS apps

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Startups | Mapped In Israel

Startups is a beautiful way to discover companies, locate co-working spaces and get funded in Israel.

With Startups you can:
• Visualize the lively startup activity.
• Discover startups who are hiring close to you.
• Explore companies based in your city.
• Locate co-working spaces and accelerators.
• Learn about investors and VC in your area.
• Search companies, and contact them directly.

Startups was released under MIT open source license for the benefit of the community.

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Insanity for all. Early adapters, engineers and designers united by our shared love affair with simplicity. Living in beautiful sunny Tel-Aviv, we are a group of friends who decided it's time for making something the world actually needs.

Expect us.

Maxim Veksler

Maxim Veksler

founder, technology

Maker. Conficio ergo sum.
Genady Okrain

Genady Okrain

founder, technology

Developer. 14 years of experience with software and hardware. Hobbyist photographer, Early adopter, Internet & technology freak and Apple fanboy. Living in Tel Aviv, at any given time can be found running 10K workouts.
Artiom Dashinsky

Artiom Dashinsky

founder, design

Our design god, whom we all praise. UI/UX Designer and Product Man but likes to define himself as maker. Active member of design community. Eclectic in his craft and skills yet manages to wow us every time with the results.

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